Retro Jukebox - About us...


Retro Jukebox is an internet radio station for those who enjoy the styles of music and entertainment belonging to days gone by.

We believe that fashion and musical appreciation are unconnected. If a piece of music was good in 1958, it will still be good in 2058.

That sets us apart from most radio stations, who constantly update their playlists to account for the current week's chart positions... they're obsessed with modernity! And when they're not playing chart music, they're having count-downs and asking listeners to vote for the 'top 100' songs or artists or albums... they're obsessed with lists!

On Retro Jukebox, we have no charts, no countdowns, no voting and we don't chase ratings! We just play tracks that we think will interest and entertain you. And if they're the sort of tracks that are neglected by other stations, that makes us all the more keen to play them.

We're not old fashioned for the sake of it, and we do support today's retro artists by playing their recordings, but you can hear the latest popular releases anywhere, so we steer clear of them - we're proud to be different.

We also like a good laugh, so you will hear plenty of comedy interludes amongst the music, another element that's missing from 99% of today's radio playlists!

We hope that you'll enjoy your visit, and come back again soon.



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